2014 Salute to Women Awards
Nomination Form

Nomination Form
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Instructions: Please complete the nomination form. The form must be submitted no later than February 28, 2014. The nominator must select an award category for which the nominee should be considered. The nominator may select more than one category for the nominee. Please note that the Selection Committee reserves the right to place nominees in a category other than that which they are nominated. Please respond with N/A if the question does not apply.
1. Nominee Information: *This question is required.
  • The nominee must be a resident of the City of Alexandria or, the work for which he/she is being nominated must benefit girls and women in Alexandria.
  • Members and applicants of the Commission for Women and members of the Friends of the Commission for Women board are not eligible.
  • Department of Community and Human Services staff member who work on programs under the purview of the Commission for Women are not eligible.
  • Individuals who have previously won may not be nominated for the same award.
  • Elected officials or candidates for office are not eligible.
  • You may nominate a group of women for an award (defined as two or more women). Mixed gender groups are eligible only for the Youth Community Services Award for Youth (a group of boys and girls may be nominated). Adult men are only eligible for the Vola Lawson Award.
You may nominate one person/group** per form. Please select the category or categories for the person you are nominating from the list below.
2. Award Categories *This question is required.
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