Snow Buddies Sign-Up Form

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Detail Information:
I will provide the City with evidence that I have a valid Temporary, Permanent or Institutional parking placard or license plate issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for Virginians with disabilities. *This question is required.
I will provide the City with certification of eligibility in the City of Alexandria DOT Paratransit program. *This question is required.
I will describe to City staff the nature of my disability or temporary physical condition that limits or impairs the ability to walk. *This question is required.
I will be able to pay for snow removal. *This question is required.
The City of Alexandria may, as a last resort, clear snow from sidewalks adjacent to private property free of charge only for homeowners or occupants that can demonstrate medical and/or financial hardship. In addition to the questions outlined above, the following eligibility requirements apply:
  • Others in the home must be unable to shovel

  • Only the public sidewalk is cleared, not driveways or walkways

  • Shovelling will be done only when the City plows the street